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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When I decorate, I always seem to need an inspiration piece. I've already decided to decorate my office in black and cream with pale yellow walls. I've purchased Waverly Metro Draperies, a cream colored chenille chair cover for my side chair, dark coffee colored bookshelves and a creamy-white Flokati rug. I still needed some inspiration. I was searching "black toile" on eBay and ran across this wonderful throw pillow... Ahhhhhhhh Inspiration! I start my project Saturday. I can hardly wait to get my office organized and decorated... especially now that I've found my inspiration. (Bumble Bee with Laurel Leaves... How French!)

I love toile fabric! This is the back of the pillow, which is a Waverly toile.

This lovely pillow came from eBay seller treadleart*boutique.

On a decorating/organizing frenzy down here in French Lique...

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Trish said...

oooh! LOVE that pillow, bee and toile and all! Can't wait to see what the final room looks like!