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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Got my Rodeo tickets!

The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo happens here in South Texas every February without fail. There are lots of activities that revolve around the SA Rodeo such as "Cowboy Breakfast" - which has now moved so far northwest of San Antonio that we'll probably never go to another one. By far, the best part of the SA Rodeo, is the Rodeo itself and the entertainment that follows. Ricky D and I try to go once or twice every year, to see the exhibits, the livestock, the country store, the booths full of Texas stuff that you can buy... and of course to watch some great Rodeo-ing and listen to some great Country Music. Last year, I really wanted to go see Josh Turner... but I messed around so long tryin' to get better tickets... that I ended up with no tickets at all. Today, the ticket sales for the 2009 SA Rodeo started. Ricky n' me got on line at 8 a.m. and purchased the best tickets we could get... for Reba (McEntire for those of you in Rio Linda - thanks Rush), Brooks & Dunn, and yes... Josh Turner. Now while they are not the best seats in the house, by golly they're not bad. And, at least this year, we'll get to hear them sing even if we can't see 'em. Just celebrating Rodeo a little early down here in French Lique! Yee Haw!

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