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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An organized desk... not my forte' here in French Lique

This is actually my home office work desk. I do a lot of work here... including business and personal. It works for me because I keep stuff that I use immediately on top of the pile... and as long as I have a nice glass of wine beside me...
Actually, I've got 2-printers, one is on the small bookcase to the left; the other is on the shelf just below the hard-drive. I always keep a spiral notepad right in front of me to jot down reminders to myself, a calculator for work purposes, Rolodex for business and personal, mail file (to the right of the monitor) that holds extra notepads, ruler, book light, address labels, journal... eeeeee-gads!... stapler, staple puller, glue, 3-paperclip holders, magnifying glass, CD player, 3-hole punch, extra ink for printer #1, business card holder, 2-checkbooks, 2-digital cameras, ... to the left, reference books, electric pencil sharpener, bulletin board with calendar and other stuff, printer paper and ink for printer #2... hummmmmmmmmm... Did I mention the laptop that is in it's case right now but is often on the desk... well... I think you get the picture... no pun intended...

It doesn't work because it's too cluttered and so I just use the little space right in front of me rather that utilizing the space in it's entirety. It's been on my "to do" list, for the past 6-months, to redecorate and organize my office. We're only looking at the desk... you should see the closets and bookshelves!

The cause of all this mess... perfectionism... yes, hard to believe, but that's it. I recently read that perfectionist have trouble completing tasks that they don't think they can do perfectly, so they just procrastinate. Well, that's the excuse I'm using... Now, pray that the public humiliation of it all will cause me to tackle the task and post a new pic, when it's all done, of my new perfect desk/office! I posted this second pic to show you why it doesn't bother me... this is the normal amount of light I use while in my office in the evening... see... can't see a thing!

Just whining about nothing at all here in French Lique... (thanks Organising Queen)
UPDATE 11-15-2008: I've posted a picture of my office work desk... just to prove I'm not a complete and utter disorganized mess!


Marcia said...

Oh, I'm so pleased to see your desk but seriously, how can you see a thing in that light?

Love your spiral notepad - this it the first thing I tell my clients - it saves so much time having a place to note down EVERYTHING.

I can see how you don't have much workspace. Maybe shift the way the desk faces so you can use some of the vertical space???

Please tell me when you have the after pic up, so I can come see.

Marcia from Organising queen

Joan said...

Ha! I just finished a post on my blog about organizing my office! I swear, we're related!