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Friday, November 14, 2008

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho It's Off To Work I Go....

I'm a morning person. It might be because of my grandparents farm. When you spend a lot of time on a farm, you learn to get up early and get moving. Grandpa was always out of the house before daylight... and that was after Grandmother had cooked him a big country breakfast (every single day), and they'd sat together and drank a cup or two of coffee and discussed the day ahead. If you wanted to be a part of the morning with those two, you got up early. So, I'm a morning person.

This week, I've not gotten home until after 8pm two nights in a row. Last night, at a dinner meeting, I literally spent the last hour propped up on my left elbow, and in my right hand - sipping a glass of Merlot. I really don't like working late.

When I got home at almost 8:30pm, Ricky was in his office searching eBay for tractor parts. I walked into his office and said, "stand-up, I need a hug!" (and of course he obeyed.) I miss him when I'm out in the evening. In my world, I like to be home by 5:30 at the very latest.I like to eat supper with my Ricky, relax together watching the news and whatever comes on at 7pm; then snuggle with my poodles while reading the book of the week... turn in about 11pm and snuggle with Ricky. (guess I like the snuggling).

When I'm out of the house until 8 or 8:30pm... it really messes up my life... I'll be having a talk with my little boss today... we won't be doing anymore night work in my world for the rest of 2008. I'm a morning person... how about a breakfast meeting at the farmhouse out here in French Lique. I'll cook!

Update: Friday evening, 10:08 pm
- I got into the office about 10:30 this morning (remember, I'm commissioned sales... no appointments - no paycheck - no need to hang out there). Anyway, my little boss came to my "space" and asked how I was doing... I told him, "Well, you've had me out till after 8pm the past two nights... I'm tired!" to which he replied... "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. That's it for 2008 though, okay?"... Guess I told him!! (dream on Dixie) I've got 'em on the run down here in French Lique!

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