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Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Brother my favorite summer addiction....

While some may favor the summer addictions of SUN, SAND, VACATION, PINA'COLADA'S and WATERMELON... I prefer the less obvious, but none the less addictive, Big Brother reality show. I, as any good addict will do, have passed my addiction on to several of my closest friends and relatives... my husband, addicted for the past 6-seasons now, my middle daughter - addicted now for 4-seasons... but the worst.. totally worst is my sister Lili. Yes, my sweet sister, who never watches much TV, and never REALITY TV, (ok she admits to "Dancing with the Stars" but is that REALLY REALITY?)... my sister has become, dare I say it, yes... addicted to BIG BROTHER. Now, this is her first season of Big Brother, so whether she remains addicted, only time will tell. Lord help us all... sorry Sis... It don't take much to amuse us down here in French Lique....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eddie Haskell, The Beav and Wally Cleaver

If you were a kid in the 50's & 60's, you know these guys. How'd they get so darn old and we're all still so young! Ouch!
If this is what Hollywood does to you, I'm glad I live in French Lique!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brussels Sprouts - that's what's for dinner in French Lique

About every 30 days or so I subject my poor hubby to a feast (yes I said Feast!) of Brussels Sprouts. Every time I cook them he says: " I don't think I like those". Tonight was no different. I cooked them, steamed them in fact, added Fleshmin's Lite Olive Oil spread and very lean, drained bacon; then topped with low fat Parmesan cheese. So delicious! And Richard, well, once again, he ate all his portion and the left overs. Wonder if he'll ever remember how much he loves Brussels Sprouts?!

Never a dull moment here in French Lique!
update: Richard just read my post and stated that he does not love Brussels Sprouts - he doesn't even really like them much. He just eats them because I cook them... "yeah, right Tiger..."