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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Helping Hand for Baby Bella...

Baby Bella... precious new grandbaby girl of Miss Debbie at Talkin' Trash Blog... was born premature. Bella was born at 23 weeks and 5 days on March 12. She weighed 15 ounces and was not quite 11" tall. You can follow Bella's progress on Jenn's blog called The Apiary.

The wonderful members of the Junk Sistas have put together a fundraiser to help Bella's family... They have some donated fantastic prizes (they are, after all, the divas of junk), and all you have to do is link here on May 1st and buy a raffle ticket... that's it! Hey, buy more than one... there's some really good stuff here! The tickets are $10. You'll also be able to take a look and the prizes on Friday too!

French Lique, Texas is sending along some of those beautiful vintage silverware wind chimes for the raffle... In fact, they'll be purchased from my favorite wind chime craftswoman Saturday when I go to Wimberley... they'll look a lot like these... except brand new... I'll post the actual photo Saturday evening. Sharing the joy of a new baby girl, down here in French Lique...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Faded Magnolia and other photos of Monday...

My beautiful creamy white Magnoila blossom has faded to brown... I still love the color... parchment brown...

I thought I'd take some vegetable garden photos this afternoon... I got home early, but...this is the best I could do... a garden photo from way up on the back porch... I zoomed in as much as possible... Mother Nature would have no close-up garden photos today..

She sent us a wonderful inch of rain... Thank you Mother Nature... I went to the front porch where my basket of posies, bought at the church celebration in March, are enjoying the rain mist they're receiving...and the French Lavender I bought Sunday still waits to be planted in the garden... it rained on Saturday and Sunday too...My spoon chimes were doing their duty and blowing in the wind... and rain...So I pulled up a chair... to smell and hear the sound of the rain...
Thankful for the blessing of rain...

down here in French Lique...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Texas Secession? What's next!

I love living in Texas... I love being a Texan... even though I'm a "got here quick as I could" Texan... I wasn't born here... but I got here, quick as I could. I've lived here for 26-years, and I will live here till I die...

Texas fits me like a glove. I "get" Texas, and Texas "gets" me. I know that other people in other states love their states... but there is something about Texas... we LOVE our state... we love what it stands for... we love who we are... we love how the rest of the world looks at Texas...

I've been to other parts of the world... when someone asks "Where are you from?" and I answer "Texas"... they know where Texas is... in their minds eye they see cowboys and oil wells; windmills and mountains... ; prairie and pine trees... ; Lone Star... Everyone has a vision of Texas... but none more so than a Texan.

If you're from the Southeast and you move to Texas... you're automatically accepted as a "Got here... Texan"... no questions asked... I'm one of those Texans... My youngest daughter is a "native"... yep.. that's what they call 'em here... and my hubby, Ricky, yep... native... along with his entire family... They have roots in Texas... and I married roots.... thank you Lord.

So when I read this message from Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul... I get it... I really get it.

Texas Straight Talk
A weekly column by Texas Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul

"Secession: the Ultimate States' Right
Last week the governor of Texas ignited a media firestorm for his remarks involving the idea of secession. He did not call for Texas to secede from the United States. He merely pointed out that the federal government was treading heavily on the sovereignty of the states and that this can not continue indefinitely without a breaking point.

The reaction to Governor Perry’s statements has been nothing short of hysterical. He has been called treasonous for making this obvious point and opening up a discussion. I am not calling for secession either, however there is nothing wrong with a healthy and open discussion of this issue. America was born from an act of secession. When King George’s rule trampled on the rights of the colonies, we successfully seceded from England. It took a war, but we were well within our rights. We applauded when former soviet states seceded from the USSR and declared their sovereignty. And hopefully the United States will eventually secede from the United Nations. We pay most of the bills of the UN, yet do not have the commensurate votes, so someday we will wake up and realize that membership, for these and other reasons, does not serve our interests.

On a personal level, contracts you enter into can be terminated if one side unilaterally changes the terms. If a credit card company jacks up your interest rate, you have every right to fulfill your obligations and close the account. Imagine if you were forced to stay with a credit card company forever no matter what just because you previously signed up! The principle of self-determination applies to political unions as well. In the cases I mentioned above, governing organizations transformed into much more overbearing entities than originally agreed upon. Several state constitutions originally had clauses explicitly allowing them to opt out of the Union down the road if they so chose. I doubt our country would have ever come together if this were not the case. Just because the north successfully kept the union together by force with the Civil War does not mean that enslaving the states is a legitimate alternative.

Secession is the last resort of states whose sovereignty is over-ridden by an overreaching federal government. The federal government has only itself to blame for this talk. Recently, some states have enacted laws allowing for the medicinal use of marijuana, yet these laws are basically voided by the continuing raids by the DEA, sanctioned by the administration. The federal government is also strong-arming states with stimulus money, forcing them to expand programs they know they will not be able to afford in the future, at a time when many states’ budgets are already in the red. This is not a new problem. No Child Left Behind burdened the states’ education systems and forced them through many hoops designed by federal bureaucrats in distant Washington DC rather than allowing communities to tailor education to their children’s unique needs. There are numerous other examples of the erosion of state sovereignty and many governors are frustrated, not just ours in Texas. Without the right to secede, state’s rights are meaningless.

A republican form of government should also be as close to the people as possible, which means the decisions of local governing bodies must be respected. Where the decisions of local governments are disregarded, the voice of the people is also disregarded. The more that happens, the more frustrated and angry the people will become."

Well said as always Congressman Paul...

Back in November, I wrote a piece on "Will Texas Secede"... and while it has never received many comments... when I look at my live feed from Feejit... it gets more "hits" than any post I've ever done... at least a couple each week...

Don't be surprised if, one morning when you least expect it, you open your morning paper and read... "Texas Secedes the Union"... It's what we're thinking about down here in French Lique...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebrating the Magnolia...

When I was a young girl in Mississippi, I had an aunt that lived near downtown Jackson in a beautiful cottage style home...

In her front yard was a giant old Southern Magnolia tree, with branches so huge that they lay on the ground. When my dad would take us to visit, my sister and I would spend hours playing on the limbs of the tree... once in a while, our aunt would let us cut a blossom or two from the tree and bring them inside where she would "float" them in a large bowl...

The blossoms of her Magnolia were the size of a luncheon plate... and she taught us to carefully cut the stem of the blossom without touching the tender flower... Magnolia blossoms turn brown if you touch them...

The beautiful Southern Magnolia; Mississippi's State Tree and State Flower. and so, the Magnolia became one of my favorite flowers...
Ricky planted a Southern Magnolia for me just last year... and this weekend.. it bloomed... I couldn't resist going out and cutting a few blossoms... being careful not to touch the tender flowers...
and while my Magnolias are not the size of a luncheon plate... they would fill a dessert plate just fine... so I "smashed" the woody stems and placed them in a vintage depression dessert glass for a vase...
I love the beautiful colors... the creamy white petals, the red axis, the pale green veins of the closed buds and the beautiful shiny deep green leaves with velvety undersides...
The Magnolia... a majestic flower... If you'd like to know more about the Magnolia you can link HERE...

The beautiful Southern Magnolia, one of my favorite flowers... down here in French Lique...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Losing a Golden Girl...

Bea Arthur died today at the age of 86. She had cancer.

Betty White was the Golden Girl I loved the most... but Bea Arthur was the one I most wanted to be like. There was never anything that rattled her character... she was always ready with her quick wit and dry sense of humor. She always dressed in an eclectically elegant fashion... I loved the way she walked and how she held her head so high... she showed her strength... but also, sometimes, her vulnerability... She was a wonderful actress and humanitarian... She will be missed...
Bea, Rue and Betty... our Golden Girls... Girls that we want to be like as we get older...
I'm Bea... which Golden Girl are you?

Goodbye Bea... Sweet Dreams... from down here in French Lique...

The Final Client Meeting...

I debated about writing this... but, sometimes it's easier to write about it, rather than talk about it.
On Wednesday of this week I received an email from a long time client telling me that he was in the final stages of terminal cancer, and that he needed some financial planning advice for his wife, "who would (will) be widowed soon". That statement left me with a lump in my throat, but I had work to do and a client's interests to serve.

I meet with my clients at least once a year, and I had met with this client last July. He was diagnosed with cancer in December, and given 6-months life expectancy. That was 4-months ago.

I met with him on Friday afternoon. It's shocking what cancer and chemotherapy can do to the human body. My client, a robust man of 68-years... was now using a cane to aid his walking... he was bald and jaundiced... he was dressed in winter clothing.. it was 90-degrees outside, he was unable to regulate his body temperature due to the treatments he'd been receiving...

The familiar glint in his eyes was gone... his eyes were sunken and he had that "fear" in his eyes that I have seen in the eyes of other persons that I've known in the last weeks of life... my dad-cancer, my friend Edna-cancer, my grandmother... my heart ached...

The private meeting room where we normally visit with our clients was too cool for him.. he asked if we could meet in the small private lobby where the sunshine was coming in through the large windows. There we sat, together on a sofa, planning for his death.

His wife, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's, will have the need for much assistance when he passes. I advised him to give one of his adult children a durable power of attorney... he hadn't thought of that. We made some changes to his financial holdings that would create income for his wife, and preserve the value of his estate. That's what I do... help my clients when they need help planning for their financial future, or the financial future of their family.

As he stood to leave, I first shook his hand... and then we hugged. I told him how much I have always appreciated him as a client, and that he would be in my prayers... and then I went back to my desk and cried.

I won't see this client again. My next conversation will be with his wife and his son. I probably won't know when he passes... I usually find out once the death certificates have been issued and the beneficiaries show up in my office for my assistance with the financial side of the estate. He won't be the first client I have lost, nor the last... and I always feel great sadness at their loss...

It had been a long week that seemed to have a myriad of problems to be solved. This meeting wasn't a problem. It was simply my final responsibility to a client's interests.

It's what I do, down here in French Lique...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Precious, Farm Dog Poodle

We got Precious when she was 12-weeks old. Ricky never cared for "house dogs"... but this dog is different. She took up with Ricky, and he with her.
I bought her for me... you know, a nice little lap dog to sit with me while I read... but Precious had a different idea. She wanted to be "daddy's girl"... and she is. She sits in his office in the evenings while he plays on his computer. She sits by his feet in the living room while he watches TV... and when she makes a mess (which is fairly often) and gets in trouble with me... she runs and sits in Ricky's lap and peeks at me from under the newspaper he's usually reading. Precious belongs to Ricky.

Hi! I'm Precious... and this is what I usually look like... usually...

So tonight when we got home from church... Precious and Roxy were no where to be found... they normally meet us at the gate, jumping and greeting us with their happy faces... But tonight... we had to call them... and from behind the detached garage they came... Roxy looking pretty much like she normally looks... and Precious...

Well, I'm going to let Precious tell you in her own words... arf! arf!... (translated by me...)...

Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Home from church already?!

Me? Oh I haven't been doin' nothin' much... I was just behind the garage lookin' for somethin'...

No, really... I promise... there was a big mama possum back there, with some babies... Those babies are cute!

My feet? Oh, I was trying to dig them out from behind that pile of wood back there... it was Roxy's idea you know!

Okay.. it was my idea... but Roxy helped... she was suppose to be my lookout! She's not a very good look out though... She didn't tell me you were home!

Look... I'm a farm dog... right Dad! Farm dogs dig in stuff and get dirty... I can't help myself.. it's in my blood!

Am I in trouble? Am I going to have to sleep on the porch tonight?

Hey! Roxy! I'm not in trouble... come on... let's go get them possums! You can keep a look out... uh... watch me!

There's just no keepin' a good farm dog poodle down... down here in French (poodle) Lique..

Friday, April 17, 2009


It's raining in south Texas...
We've been waiting a long time for a day like today...

Gentle rain that washes everything clean... Rain that makes everything seem so green and bright... You can almost hear the earth say.... Aaahhhhhh... The blessing of rain down here in French Lique.