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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Junkin' with Candy and Terry in Geronimo...

There is absolutely no one more fun to go "Junkin'" with than Candy. Candy and I can look at the exact same object and see something different. We rarely reach for the same item... and if we do... we're probably thinking opposite thoughts... Just the right kind of friend to have along on a shopping day in Geronimo, Texas.

and if she brings along her good friend Terry, that's even better! I adore both of them so much... today... I even took them to one of my favorite places that I never tell anyone about... but more about that later... here are Candy and Terry, browsing a booth at Blue Hills Antique Mall... Terry found these beautiful little yellow bird plates for only $2 each. They matched one she already had hanging in her entry way... and the great thing was... they were also 30% off so $1.60 each! What a bargain! Loved this book... made me think of Scrappy Doo! We all loved what they did with this chandy... I adore the teacups hanging with gossamer ribbons from the chandy arms... how cute is that!and what a cute idea in the same booth... a few vintage aprons hung with clothes pins across a window as a valance... adorable!

Hey, Patty Cakes... you made the big time!

Now... to my favorite little secret shopping place... A tiny little shop, in a tiny little house, in the tiny little town of Geronimo... it's name...

Glory B's Cottage

This was her decorated chandy in the main room of the shop... there are only 3 rooms and a hallway... filled to the brim with treasures... I love vintage wedding dresses... this one displayed in a room full of pink and white treasures... We loved this unique idea... a vintage baby shoe suspended in the center of and old shabby picture frame... I'd have never thought of that! and then Candy spied this rustic treasure... A huge, rusty, chippy birdcage!
I think she paid $12. We nearly fell over when Beverly, the owner, told us the price! This is the perfect thing for Candy's porch... or will it go under a tree?

If I know Candy, she'll find something wonderful to do with it. After an exhausting 3 1/2 hours of junkin' in 100 degree heat... we went to Chili's in Seguin, Texas... for some lunch... and a gift from Candy! I love gifts! She said the vintage dolls on the bag reminded her of a photo from shopping in Wimberley, on my black and white blog... A wonderful smelling Blackberry Vanilla lotion... and a beautiful scarf from our favorite thrift store... Twice Blessed... in San Marcos... Thank you Candy! You know I love it! Ahhhhhh... and now... refreshing margaritas at Chili's... and great reminiscing of the treasures that we saw... and the friendship that we share...

A good day was had by all... down here in French Lique...

ps... if you want to see what I actually bought in Geronimo... you'll have to come back tomorrow... see ya then...


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Dixie what a fun day of shopping and fellowshih you had the best kind,,,Now what did you get I want to see it now ha ha!! Hey you know I'm a nosey old board...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Simply Heather said...

That first photo is beautiful, just look at that genuine smile on her face...and her hair, I love her hair...the length of the braid..

What a fun day it sounds like you had, and wonderful friendship. Perfect shopping friend for sure.

And...mmmmmm...I don't recall ever having a margarita; not that we can't get them or make them here in VT but I've never had one. I'm going to have to become a bit more adventurous, huh?

Love to you :)

Dawn said...

Can't beat a day shopping with the girls, especially if you have differnt tastes ~ no brawling in the china aisle!

Very cool of Heather to watch over Wordless Wed. for the summer. I'll be over to check out her blog and say thanks.

Now about that photo with the wedding dress...those darn mirrors are so tricky...I did a double take 'cause I thought I saw reflection...hmmm...?


Dawn said...

He he he...I cllicked and enlarged it and my hubby thinks it's me!I think we live in a paralel universe!

KBeau said...

Sounds like a great day of fun, and those margaritas were a good way to beat the heat. I just can't believe that Heather's never had a margarita. Goodness, here in Birmingham you can't open a shopping center without a Mexican restaurant, and Mexican restaurants mean Margaritas.

Bonjour Madame said...

This looks like a really fun day with your friends. Nothing better to top it off than an icy margarita!

Dixie said...

Dawn! I didn't see you there... hiding in the mirror... what a trick!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What a perfect way to spend the day, good friends and good times.

Anonymous said...

Oh you girls had a blast, didn't you?!! Love the photos and the goodies~~can almost smell that lotion! I agree...nothing better than an icy cold margarita (how about strawberry?) to help beat that awful heat~~Fun!
Thanks so much for sharing your day with us~~~

Smilingsal said...

What a fun time you had!

I read your post below. You mean you're not just taking a break, that you're not going to host WW any longer?

Dixie said...

Just taking a summer break from WW and Heather missed it so much this week... she offered to "guest host"... ain't she sweet?

trash talk said...

I'm afraid Candy and I would have had to hold a thrown down over that birdcage! What a deal and rusty to boot. There really isn't anything better than shopping with friends except maybe drinking with them after!
P.S. Now I am craving Chili's fries!

Feedsack Fantasy said...

My kind of shopping .. margaritaville! TTFN ~Marydon

trash talk said...

Maybe I need to make Candy my new best friend!

Laura said...

OK girls ,covet covet. I want to be there like right now.

However , I got distracted by my friend Dixie's information about Horchow's napoleonic bee flatware.

Can I count that flatware as my mini-vacation?

I love Glory B's, and I especially love the prices in Geronimo.

Isn't Texas Grand!

Candy said...

WOW! We did have fun didn't we?
I'm still working on my pictures. My photography skills are almost as good as my math ;-)
Thanks for sharing Glory B's with us...we are in love with her and her shop. She's a jewel.

Big Hugs,

Dixie said...

Laura... I decided to buy the bee flatware and skip the facelift this year... ;) Hope it's worth it!

My Crafty Little Page said...

How does Candy manage to look so cool and fresh in the heat?!! She's a sweetheart and how fun to antique in Geronimo. I love to go there. We tried for a while but are in the process of moving Bella Blues to Gruene. Can't wait to see what you bought. xoxoNancy

Dawn said...

Pesky me again! Just finished a post about Charolais heifers and mentioned the photo on your sidebar with a link back to you. Hope you don't mind.

Scrappy Doo said...

Thank You Dixie!
Still cookin up here 104 yesterday to hot to blog after workin on the barn lately.
Love the bird bath idea
Have a great day!
Stay cool!

Terry said...

Howdy Dixie
Wow ya'll are so cute !
Looking forward to part 2 :)
Happy Trails

Patti Cakes said...

Hey Dixie!! Too cool. I like that!! (Now where could I put that??)

I'm off to read part 2. I'm getting behind.

Did I tell you I was born in Texas? Ft Hood. I was an army brat.