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Friday, July 11, 2008

Robbery in French Lique

There's nothin' like comin' home and finding your flatscreen laying on your front porch. Some moron broke into our home with the thought in his mind that he had the right to relieve us of our property, which we had worked for and paid for with our money. I've never understood why morons think like that, but they do.

Now you're wondering why my TV is laying on my front porch and not in the moron's mini-van? Well, "Welcome to French Lique" where neighbor looks out for neighbor and your family and friends are not far away.

Richard's brother Ernest just happened to drive by while the moron was hauling our TV out the door. The moron fled (without the TV), and Ernest pursued him for about 5 miles until the moron's driving became so irratic that Ernest feared for the lives of other innocent drivers.

The sheriff said that the moron probably pooped in his pants and won't be back to visit us again in French Lique. He probably didn't like being chased down the highway by a redneck in a big white pickup. So Richard and Ernest sat on the front porch and celebrated with a couple of LoneStar brews; then carried the TV back into the house where it's operating just fine. Thanks Ernest... you're the man!

p.s. Moron dropped Richard's piggy bank and didn't even get the quarters he tried to steal. Stupid Moron.

1 comment:

Arich & Syble Harrison said...

No way! I love the image of the flatscreen on the porch. HAHAHA!!!